Social Media Checklists

Social Media Checklists Every Marketer Needs

A Daily Checklist:

1. Share Content

Your first and top priority on social media should be sharing content. That’s what will allow you to reach your target audience, attract them to your brand, and keep them engaged.

2. Respond to Comments and DMs.

An excellent way to engage with your audience is to respond to their comments. If you’re struggling to generate comments in the first place, try starting a conversation and asking your audience to join it.

Another way to engage your audience is by responding to direct messages. Consumers usually reach out to brands on social media to learn more about the brand or to ask specific questions related to the brand and content that the brand shares. It’s important that you review these questions every day to leave a positive impression on your audience. If you take too long to answer, they may lose interest or escalate the issue by complaining to the public.

3. Keep Track of Brand Mentions and Industry-Related Content.

When you’re growing your business, it’s vital that you know how your brand is being perceived online and what is being said about it.

4. Identify Trends and Content.

Trends are constantly changing on social media. The trick is jumping in as they’re growing in popularity and knowing when they’ve died out. The best way to find trends is by simply being on social media and observing.

6. Connect With Influencers That Like Your Brand.

Connecting with influencers can be doing things like commenting on their content and/or sharing it on your platform, giving them access to exclusive content, shouting them out, and inviting them to participate during live streams to show your interest in your clients and also gain exposure.

A Monthly Checklist

1. Check your analytics.

Data is every brand’s most precious asset. It holds incredibly valuable insights about your target audience. Through your analytics, you can also assess which social platforms are worth investing in. According to our survey, the top three metrics marketers look at to make this decision are:

  • Impressions/views
  • Sales
  • Follower or subscriber count

2. Set goals.

Once you’ve reviewed your analytics and know what went well and what can be improved, you can set your goals for next month.

3. Schedule next month’s content.

When you’re managing multiple social media accounts, you have to plan your content ahead of time. Otherwise, you risk under planning and not having enough content.

For more information on how to follow a social media checklist or how to create one, contact Shrike Marketing & Design today