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Shrike SEO – About Us

Shrike SEO is a division of Shrike Marketing & Design. We are an international SEO company operating out of South Africa. When we say international company, this refers to us working with and having clients across the globe. We have been able to apply our expertise to several industries in multiple countries. Are you ready to grow your business with our help?

So why partner with us? We have over 11 years of experience. Our passion for SEO goes beyond a job, we eat, sleep and breathe SEO. As they say, it is not work if you love what you do, and we sure do love what we do. Our understanding of key optimisation principles has allowed us to get great results, the right way. Yes, in SEO there is a right and wrong way. Resorting to black hat tactics may give you short gains, but in the end, you will get penalised. We are a proud white hat SEO company abiding by all of the rules set out by Google.

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