myShrike Client Management Platform

How does myShrike work?

Take flight with work requests

Now you can book your work into our production schedule by completing a form. All the information will be captured in our system and automatically assigned to the relevant team member. Let’s save time by creating clear briefs with timeous production schedules

Proofing and approvals made easy

You can easily review files in your web browser. No software is needed. You can make comments, draw shapes and more right on the artwork or files. We will be notified straight away and your changes will be scheduled in. No more back-and-forth emails with possible misunderstandings.

Your feedback in our design software

Your comments and feedback during the review process is sent directly to our design programmes. This means that we can see exactly what you want to be changed and where. How awesome, right? All of this aims to lesson the number of revisions and avoid several email communications.

Automated approvals

Once you are happy with your project files, just hit the approved button and we will be notified instantly! Or when you make changes, our team will know straight away that you require changes. This proofing system is amazing. The PROOF is in the pudding 😉

Better control of your projects

With your help, we will be able to meticulously plan and schedule your products into our production plans. By simply submitting your work request through our form, you are automatically added to our production schedule. myShrike is here to help you!

myShrike Client Management Platform