Free SEO Audit

Free SEO Audit

Every website needs to have an audit performed before an SEO campaign can begin. This is a vital step in gaining insight into the state that your website is in and also helps us develop a suitable strategy based on the results. SEO is a combination of multiple aspects coming together in a uniform strategy. This audit will give us a good understanding of the technical status of your website and what errors may be prevalent. Rest assured, that we will resolve any and all errors as well as improve the SEO on your site when you sign up with us.

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Website SEO Audit Tool

What is a website audit?

A website audit, particularly for SEO, is where we use our revolutionary software to crawl through your website, checking all of the major items that Google looks for to rank a website. Our audit covers your content, on-site optimisation and technical aspects of your website. Do you need an audit? Yes. Every website needs an audit to direct us to what tasks need to be completed. It is a vital tool for identifying areas of concern and even positive areas. Our software continuously runs audits once you sign up with us to ensure that our team stays on top of all tasks and that we work through them all to give your website the best chance of ranking.