What is a Brand Board

What is a Brand Board and Why Do I Need One?

A brand board is a visual representation of a company or product. When the public sees your brand, they will associate it with your industry. The success of branding depends on the strength of these visual assets. A brand board should contain a variety of assets that are all consistent with your brand. These assets should include your main logo and variations, such as shapes, colours, and sizes. Your brand board should also include your other assets, including sub-logos and other collateral.

A brand board helps ensure consistency throughout your marketing campaigns and can help you build a raving community around your brand. It will also serve as a guideline for future changes as needed. Brand boards are also a great way to get a handle on the style and look of your products and services. It will make it easier for your team members to create graphics, as well as step in and make changes when necessary.

First, decide what kind of branding board you need. Do you need a professional or a free option? If you need an inexpensive solution, choose a free tool and create a design yourself. For a simple brand board, you can use tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva. They are both free to use and allow you to create and edit your brand board in a quick and easy way.

The next step in the branding process is to choose your fonts. Choose two or three main fonts for your brand and up to three secondary fonts that are neutral. Choose a simple sans serif font for your primary brand and a fun cursive or handwritten font for secondary pieces. Your branding board should also include images that inspire the design of your business. They will inspire the rest of your design, ensuring consistency.

A brand board is a quick reference for visual elements that are consistent with your brand. Think of it as a bible for your brand, and use it as a reference when creating graphics and visuals. You can reference this board for fonts, colours, patterns, and logos. It will ensure that all your visual elements are consistent with each other. If you create a brand board, you are more likely to produce consistent and unified marketing materials.

A brand board is different from a style guide. The purpose of a brand board is to communicate a visual image to anyone who needs it. Your brand board is a visual reference that helps people understand your brand and how you want them to look. This board is also useful for web designers, printers, and other members of your business. It’s the most convenient and effective way to convey your brand visuals to others.

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