Integrated Marketing Campaign

What is an Integrated Marketing Campaign?

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that highlights the importance of a consistent, multi-dimensional brand experience for the customer. Concentrating on making a branding effort – across television, radio, print, Internet. This means that the dimensional brand experience is in a similar style that emphasizes the brand’s ultimate message.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Why choose an integrated marketing campaign over other types of marketing campaigns? Integrated campaigns are about targeting your consumer with a consistent multi-dimensional brand experience for the customer.

When compared with single-channel marketing campaigns, integrated marketing campaigns can help your brand:

  • Reach a wider consumer audience
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Build trust through consistency
  • Balance short-term results with long-term growth

Put Your Integrated Marketing Campaign Together

Using an integrated marketing campaign, helps you generate marketing that influences customer decisions. How can you put this information into action for your organization?

Building Your Integrated Marketing Campaign

When you set out to create an integrated marketing campaign plan, commence by studying your company mission. With your overall business strategy as a guide, take the following steps.

Focus on Your Brand

It is important to connect with your overall brand. Keep your brand’s voice, values or objectives in search of an exciting campaign. Integrated marketing is about creating a cohesive brand experience for the customer. Each campaign should tie in with the overall strategy of your organization. 

Ask yourself:

  • What are the unique benefits of our product?
  • What emotions do our brand hope to elicit? 
  • What is our competition doing, and how can we set ourselves apart? A
  • What are our values/culture?

Because an integrated marketing campaign seeks to deliver the same message across multiple media outlets, the message must align with your overall brand goals.

Explore Your Target Market

When developing the target of your campaign, consider these questions:

  • What are the typical characteristics of my target customers? 
  • What problem do we solve for potential buyers? 
  • What types of media does our target market use? 

Define Your Campaign Goals

The goals for your integrated marketing campaign must be clear and specific. Define what you hope to achieve with the campaign and realistically consider concrete goals that you can work toward with your planning and execution. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • What is our call to action? 
  • What is the timeline? 
  • What is the budget? 
  • What are my key performance indicators (KPI)? 

Determine Your Marketing Channels 

Now you can determine the marketing channels most likely to help you be successful. It is important not just to know where your potential customers are but know how to use the right marketing channel to communicate your message. 

Some common components of an integrated marketing campaign include:

Concentrate heavily on your brand identity, target market and your goals when determining the right combination of marketing channels for your integrated marketing campaign.

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